on the move with qings, Spring 15 travel blog

on the move with qings, Spring 15

Welcome to my trip journal! Random musings, marveling, observations, and streams of conciousness under the guise of an elaborate geography/sociology/(non)literary homeschool project, occasionally channeling ee cummings. That is my story and I am sticking by it. For the time being.

First of all, we need a title, so if you have any smarty suggestions, send them on for honorable mention. In the meantime, on we go with the above...
Secondly, if you can hear me now, please let me know if my contact list is still good! Xie xie, ni, ah?

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In the beginning
there's a blood moon...
why do you look for...
Another busman's...
Heading east...ish to...
Pop quiz
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