Becky's Europe and Africa Trip 2006 travel blog

Becky's Europe and Africa Trip 2006

Becky and Lynsey travel blog
Welcome to my website! This is truly going to be a trip in a lifetime for me. Ever since I knew of the country of Africa I have wanted to go there, and now I'm finally doing it!! I'm traveling with a friend from school and work, Lynsey Mozak. On a whim we decided to go to Spain first and hopefully get a chance to float over to Morrocco or travel to Portugal; whatever time allows. In order to save money all our flights are based out of Amsterdam, so that's where we'll be headed first for five days. We'll have a little less than a month to taste the best of Spain until we fly over to Cairo, Egypt. We have a 19-day tour planned that will include the majority of Egypt (called Egypt Encompassed). We have a few days after that to cruise around Cairo or maybe take a 3-day excursion to Alexandria. From there we fly to Nairobi where we start our six week African Safari!! Now this is going to be great; it starts in Nairobi and ends in Cape Town! I can't even describe to you the many places and adventures we'll be partaking in, so please stay tuned to this website to find out. Thank you so much for visiting this website and I hope you will all find some time during my trip to post me a message or two. Take care and I hope you enjoy the rest of our Canadian winters!

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