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The Journey of our Lives

This journey is the result of Bon's passion for travel. Without her enthusiasm, mind for detail, cheerleading, and all around travel competence I can safely say this journey would not have materialized.

It is also a tribute to Bill & Ruth Nelson...YouTube Tribute
Mr Hostelling

I say 'journey' but now after more than 15 years we have extended our travels to include many parts of the world in separate trips each one could be considered a 'journey' unto itself.
We actually began our travels a week before 9/ll when our family plus friend, Jake, left to meet Bonnie's sister in the Philippines at the end of her Peace Corps service. Unfortunately, I knew nothing of MyTripJournal at that time and kept no log of our travels. We travelled for 2 weeks in the Philippines (getting Scuba certified on Apo Island), then on to Hong Kong, overland throughout China for a month (visiting Bejing, the Yangsi before the dam was completed, N. to Urumqi, and W. China near the Tibetian border), Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam, Singapore, Papau New Guinea, Australia, and New 8 months odyssey which whetted appetites for more. What we envisioned as a journey became journeys and so it goes....

We travel light...small backpack and daypack, to expedite our moving about and not be too conspicuous. Our intent is to go as the locals travel and see/experience as much as we can via osmosis. This is not easy being very obviously still "tourists" to the locals but we try! We do not have any special language abilities(no French or local lingo, although Tim does speak/understand a good deal of Spanish) but always we attempt to learn the basics of the local tongue...please, thank you, bathroom, excuse me, how much, where is, etc.

We hope our adventures bring a sense of where we are and what is happening there. Trying to connect ourselves with the whole of life we find some peace. In the midst of a seemingly chaotic day we hope to find moments of joy, beauty, poetry...the music of our short heartbeat on this our Earthship!

Above all else, we do make a difference no matter who we are, where we are, what lives we live - animal, plant, stone, water - it is all becoming!
As part of my interest in being involved in our Earth adventure, I also attempt to bring to this journal information which concerns our Earth in ways which might threaten it's ongoing diversity or perhaps inform us as to what others are doing. Below is just such information & I hope you, will find enlightening and perhaps even motivate you to pursue further.

Sources for current affairs world wide:
Covid-19 Why Dangerous
A Documentary Humans
Where We are 11-11-2019, And where we are headed

A Most Important Video

Site of Vanishing Cultures Project

A Plenitude Economy


Check: First Around the World by Bicycle 1887

Hiroshima to Fukushima:

Check Out Helen Caldicott's Whole Speech

Most Impressive Archeological Discovery - Baalvek

EDIT 11-12-19:
Fresh Warning
Our travels during the past 15+ years have validated most of the claims by scientists that human caused change to our environment is responsible for what will be the 6th Extinction event that we know about.
Check out this website:
Indo Enviro Plague
And this is just a small example of what is happening in Africa, many other parts of Asia (especially China and India), and Russia. Even in Canada where coal tar mining has decimated huge tracts of land.
I will try to post more examples as time goes on and investigative reporter turn up examples like the one above! READ AND LEARN!

UPDATE- EGYPT 5/4/2017: Example of World in Crisis

3-10-2005...UPDATE 8-8-18:
in memoriam René Wokke
Four foreign cyclists have been killed and three others injured in southern Tajikistan after being hit by a car that fled the scene afterward.
AFP, quoting an unnamed source at the ministry, had earlier reported that two Dutch nationals were in the group. Two Americans, along with a Swiss and a Dutch national, were struck by a car and attacked on July 29 while on a popular cycling route in the Danghara district.

He was a wonderful human being. We will miss him greatly!

4-2-2005 Lebanon trip to Baalbek:

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