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Alrite. cheers for visiting me page. A little self indulgent setting up a website about myself, i know. And maybe a bit smug flaunting the fact iam half way round the world while you're photocopying forms or being told to clean the toilet by the boss. You of course interpret this to mean pour as much bleach as you can in the toilet until it has a fluorescent glow and convincing yourself that this renders touching the toilet unneccesary. But yeah, i am away for 6 months and thought this'd be a nice way for people to keep in touch and check me progress.Also, the opportunity to look at some pictures and maps with lines on, which will hopefully serve an educational as well aesthetic function. Hope you agree. I'll update as and when i can and hopefully it'll be interestin. So, hope you're all doin well and if uve got a minute, pop in an say hello. Finally my parents 'll be seein this so now swearin or talk of topics that jesus would dissaprove of. cheers. jonathan.

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Route to Nelson & Abel Tasman Track
Te Anau and the Kepler track
Queenstown and glenorchy
The West Coast
Christchurch, New Zealand
Brisbane and Gold Coast
Borneo - week 2
Borneo - week 1
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phnomh Penh
Temples of Angkor, Cambodia
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