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Welcome to our first trip journal!

Marie, Angela and Ray's 2007 (MARS 7) Expedition to Europe has been a couple of years in the planning. What with one thing or another, it didn't happen last year as we originally hoped, but now it is almost upon us!

As with any time-limited, cash-limited, any-other-kind-of-limited endeavour, we have had to make compromises on what we can squash into four weeks. For example, we were hoping to drive The Romantic Road in Germany, but had to shelve that plan when we realised that Frankfurt-Hahn airport is actually nowhere near Frankfurt. To achieve that goal, we would have to drive an extra 300km just to get to The Road and back, which would have been a big chunk out of two and a bit days. The compromise is that we get to spend two days on The Rhine instead of one - not a huge inconvenience!

Our two mini-tours of Ireland will also be a bit tight - there is just SO much to see! We have decided to visit 'all new' parts, as far as possible, although old favourites such as the Ring of Kerry just cannot be left off. Still, if all goes to plan, we will see some beautiful sights on our flying tours, interspersed with treasured family time.

Rome and Venice will be 'brand new' for us, apart from a few hours Ray spent in Venice waaaayyy back when, as he passed through on a school trip to Yugoslavia (remember that place?). It is hard to say just what we are looking forward to the most, during that first week, as there is such a lot to see, do and learn about in both cities. One big attraction, though, will be our flat in Rome, which has a balcony overlooking St Peter's Dome. That will be pretty impressive, I would say.

Our final, brief stop in England will be to catch up with as many family and friends as we can in a couple of days - it will be hectic!

Anyway, somewhere else on this journal is our itinerary, which will give you a bit more of an idea of what we have planned. We will post a new journal every few days as we wander around. 'Til then, ciao for now!

Marie, Angela and Ray
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