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Latvia and St. Petersburg

Earlier this year, I and two of my cronies from my previous Russia trip decided to send some proposals for the International Special Education convention in Riga, Latvia. We thought, "okay, if our proposals get picked, we'll go to Riga, and since we'll be so close we have to go back to Russia."
Anita and I, ever the overachievers, each submitted individual proposals in case our group proposal didn't get picked. As it turned out, ALL of our proposals were accepted, and all of us were scheduled to present our papers during the poster sessions. Great!! So we are getting ready for Riga, with a few side trips to Sigulda, Jurmala, and then two nights in Mother Russia. To say we're excited would be an understatement! Best of all, Darin gets to come this time, so I'll have a chance to show him the amazing and romantic Saint Petersburg.

Before I got to Latvia, I remarked that it seemed like a fairy tale to me. I had no idea how right I was! First of all, everything was so beautiful, we really did feel like we were under an enchantment. Also, these little strange things kept happening to us, and I'd joke about fairies. After we got home, I started learning about Latvian folklore and thought it would be fun to weave a little fairy magic into this journal. So read on, and decide for there a rational explanation, or were we visited by Latvian spirits along our journey?

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Day 1 of the Conference
Day 2 and Central Market
A Whirlwind Tour
A Medieval Birthday...
Last Day in Riga
Our Train Adventure
Around St. Petersburg
The Hermitage
Peterhof- East Side
Peterhof- West Side
Cathedral Interior
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