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Hi there. We are John and Ann. In February of 2008, we left our home in Lake Tahoe in a 2001 Coachmen motorhome and embraced the full-timing lifestyle. In October of 2011, we bought a new rig: a 2012 Thor ACE Evolution motorhome. We towed a 2002 Suzuki and we traveled with our two kitties: Rocky and Mimi (the "kids").

In June of 2016, we bought a tiny house in Brookings, Oregon, with a distant view of the ocean. We have always loved Brookings and found ourselves returning more and more each summer. We had been full-timing for almost nine years and felt ready to have a permanent place on the coast.

A series of events convinced us it was time for a change, so in October of 2016, we became "land lubbers" once again. We sold our motorhome and settled into a tiny house in a tiny community on the coast of Oregon.

After ten years together, we have decided to go our separate ways. John continues to live in the tiny house in Oregon and Ann is moving to Texas to be closer to her son.

Despite taking different paths, Life continues to be a beach and it really is PRETTY DAMN NICE!

March 2020 UPDATE: The saga continues. My son Zac and his new bride, Megan, will begin their van life journey in the next couple of months. He has always been envious of the life John and I were able to enjoy. He will pick up where we left off. Check out Pretty Damn Nice Jr. at

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