'Desire Will Determine Your Destination....' - Mereti Nute (FIJI, 2005) travel blog

"Desire Will Determine Your Destination...." - Mereti Nute (FIJI, 2005)

Tara and Jess travel blog
Well, well, well. Look what the tea kettle dragged in. Thought we might as well get ya'll up to date as to where we are in the world considering some of the rumors from home were getting just a LITTLE out of hand... I mean, a pigmy village in the Himalayas weaving our own clothes, goat milk straight from the tits, and riding a donkey 30 miles to town and back, both ways uphill??!!? Come on now, you KNOW we wouldn't weave our own clothes!

Lo and behold we are actually in London but have been on a few adventures in between, stories left untold.....until now. We are back in the saddle (and lemme tell ya, it's a TIGHT fit nowadays) so read on and continue to live vicariously through us....


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OZ: Melbourne and the Great Ocean...
OZ: Adelaide Basix
OZ: Adelaide Advanced
OZ: Sydney
Oz: Surfaris
Malyasia: Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia: Penang
Kyle McDonough: A Final Farewell
Thailand: Ko Phangan
Thailand: Ko Phi Phi
Thailand:Roi Et/ Yasathon
Mother's Maiden Name: THAMES
Mar 21/06
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