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Too Blessed to be Stressed

Jeremy Lake and Heather van Doorninck travel blog
Welcome to our journey website that we started when we left Canada July 2006. We are excited to share our stories, thoughts and photos with you. Everyone questions their own life when you deal with the death of someone close to you. Eric's (Heather's husband) plane crash and Rhody's (Jer's mom) disappearance in 2005 (and still missing) pushed us to embrace life TODAY - to be true to ourselves. So, amongst controversy and pain, we embarked on this journey together allowing it to unfold as it will. We have been based in central Vietnam for a year and half now.. and are looking forward to our next home base in Nicaragua, Central America beginning this fall. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you.
Jeremy and Heather
Spring 2008

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Jade and Ryan visit Hoi An!
Everyday Life in Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
Early Morning Light
Pam and Hazel hit Hoi An
Cham with Pam: Island Paradise
Squeezing in one more thing before Pam leaves..
Hoi An: Traditional Craftsmen Villages
Happy Birthday Gerardine
Bryn: Two weeks in Vietnam
Things that make you go Hhmmm. Vol 1.
Monks, monks and more monks....
Kathleen Harvey: When a Girl needs a Friend
Marble Mountain: It is literally a Marble...
Remembering an Amazing Man: Eric van Doorninck
Every Day I Celebrate My Mum's Life.
The "Hot Winds" of Laos
So what have we been up to anyway?
Jamie turns 51
A month in France for World Cup Rugby
Highest Water in 40 Years...
Escape to Bali for E8ght Days
We've tied up land.. well as much as you can...
Christmas with Friends and Family = the...
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