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Welcome to my trip journal!

As many of you will know, I haven't traveled very far in my life to date (Mallaig on the North West coast of Scotland probably be the furthest to date)! As a result, I have decided that now is probably the best time to make up for it!

I plan to travel through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Australia, Vanuatu, back to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and then to the USA briefly before returning home. Please enjoy this journal, for the inevitable ups and downs of this trip! There are bound to be some difficult bits, such as me coming to terms with the fact that not everyone in the world speaks English (why wouldn't they?!) and the withdrawal symptoms I will face for not being able to have Jam sandwiches for six months (I'll probably pack a few though).

I will be staying mostly in hostels during this trip, but there will also be some home-stays, especially during the South East Asia leg of the trip, and also in Vanuatu.

In Vanuatu, I will be undertaking a very exciting Turtle conservation project, organised by GVI. This is a very important project, given the precarious state of the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, which is critically endangered.

Another key part of the trip (for me) is that I plan to attend the final two test matches of the Ashes series in both Melbourne and Sydney, , where in all liklihood, England will already have wrapped up the series (hopefully). Seriously though, this promises to be a fascinating series, at two of the best venues for test cricket in the world.

I hope you enjoy this journal, and hopefully I do actually get to write in this! If you don;t enjoy it, please feel free to keep thouse thoughts to yourselves!!
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