From Snow to Sand 2010/2011 travel blog

From Snow to Sand 2010/2011

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So you might be thinking "Why Iceland"? Actually, most of you did ask me "Why Iceland"? Well why not? I've never been, its an adventure, the scenery will be spectacular, I got an amazing deal on the trip, I'll get to see the Northern Lights, I'll swim in the Blue Lagoon and its really not as cold as everyone thinks! Plus, I get to travel with my Mom! After Iceland, I get to warm up and travel with 3 of my best friends to Costa Rica and Panama! 4 girls in Central America sounds like a whole bunch of fun and trouble to me! Stay tuned for the stories and escapades!
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Welcome to Iceland
Blissful Blue Lagoon...
Fun with Food
Welcome Back to the Osa...
Karen Vs Spider and...
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