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Four Girls... One World.

Katie, Lauren, Julie, and Tiphany travel blog
Welcome to our website! We are just four girls who are following a year long call that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has set out for our lives. We plan to travel around the world for one year (June 06 through July 07). Our goal is to see God through serving others. You will see many pictures here of the people we meet and the amazing things that we've had the privilege to see and experience. Our hopes are that our journal entries and photos will make you feel like you are able to join the ride with us as you get to see and experience this amazing world through our eyes. Thanks for spending some time with us.
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We made our way across...
The sound of Uganda
More of Uganda...
Northern Uganda...Gulu
A trip into the bush...
Medical Clinics and...
Pretty Pictures!
Leaving on a jet...
We're so far away....
1 Year!!!!!
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