2012 Breckenridge CO & Jackson Hole, WY in LUCY travel blog

2012 Breckenridge CO & Jackson Hole, WY in LUCY

Ed travel blog
Well here we go again! There are several parts to this trip and I hope we can make it interesting for you when it happens. It all started when Cindy was asked to do some contract work the 2nd week of June in the Denver area. I said I wanted to go back to Colorado, so we used one of our Time Share weeks in Breckenridge, CO. with an arrival on June 1st. We have family staying with us in Breckenridge, Cindy's mom (Virginia) and sister (Sandy) will be flying out to join us. I told you this is going to be fun. The contract work looked like it was not going to happen, so we thought about cancelling the trip. By chance, Cindy saw a short article in our local newspaper for a Photography Class put on by West Virginia University (WVU) with the class to meet in Jackson Hole, WY starting on June 21st for 10 days. Things change and we adapted. If you look at a calendar you'll see a void of about 10 days. What to do, what to do! Ah, invite other family members to join us with their campers! Daughter Beth and her two boys Drew and Michael will be meeting us in Colorado for about ten days. Looking forward to a great time. I already paid for my Colorado fishing license. We will be leaving soon in "Lucy" and take John "C" (he doesn't know yet) and towing Toad. If you are confused, all of these names will come out in our blogs.

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