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UK Cindy

This is my website for summer session at St Catharine's College at Cambridge University. You can read about what I'm up to or leave me messages. I hope to be able to post photos soon.

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Tea in the Orchard at...
One City, One World
Globe Theatre
Stomping around the backs on a...
More Photos of St Catharine's...
english rose
m is for manuscript and...
"i hope they get someone pretty...
windsor castle but not london
canterbury pilgrims
Comedy of Errors
all the small things
a hot bath, a comfortable bed...
cathedral or minster?
neon american
tapas, daisies, green men and...
My Acting Debut sans Sock Puppets
Kung Fu Twelfth Night
I'm in Palma!
British Airways Chaos
running barefoot on the fellow's...
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