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Channeling Muddy

Channeling Muddy travel blog
Welcome to our trip journal!
This is to keep my boys, family and friends updated on my travels. I call this Channeling Muddy as a nod to my grandfather who would take a week to pack the camper for a two day fishing trip. As I grow older I have come to realize I inherited that trait along with his physique. Tug, the cocker spaniel (a Tasmanian devil in disguise), is traveling with me and hubby comes by for visits when he can. We are amazed by the sites we run across and crack ourselves up at my complete lack of sense.

We started this journal traveling in a self-converted 2003 Chevy van. It has a twin bed platform, a closet, an air conditioner for the hot flashes and an electrical panel to power it all. In 2010 we purchased a 17ft. 2010 Casita Liberty travel trailer. We pull it with the van and look a bit like the Clampet's, HEY it’s paid for! Yes, it’s a small trailer. No, it does not have slides. Even with the windows open it is TINY. Yes, it gets claustrophobic but, I can clean it with a wet wipe. I can also wipe down the walls by doing pirouettes. No, it’s not a pretty sight.

By 2013 we had sold all possessions, sold our house and became full-time rver's. Our current abode is a Durango 1500 5th wheel.

If you see us in your neighborhood, don’t be shy, come say HI! Be forewarned, Tug has been known to take a Great Pyrenees down with her growls. She has more bark than bite but, I encourage you to leave your puppies at home. She is very protective of me while on the road.

Disclaimer: I was not an English Major. If bad spelling and grammar irritates you, I am sorry, this is not the blog for you.

If you would like to be notified by e-mail when we make updates to this journal, please let us know. You can do that by clicking on the "Request Update Notices" link on this page. Also, feel free to send a note any time via the "Leave a Message" link.

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Vicksburg, MS
Atlantic Ocean
Across the Atlantic
Cruise from Galveston...
Cruising from Gulf of...
Still cruising to Nassau
Nassau, Bahamas
Vegas boy...
It is so beautiful here.
we have been busy...
visit with family...
just waiting to depart...
oh yes, we departed...
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