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The Capper Nomads Europe Adventure

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Welcome to our trip journal!

We are an English couple who have completed a travelling odyssey in a motorhome across North America (see or by clicking the top right hand box above) and are now on our exploration of the many countries of Europe. This trip journal outlines our first 5 years in Europe. To see Part 2 of our adventures go to or by clicking the right hand box above.

Our travelling companion is Daisy our Yellow Labrador

We hope you will enjoy the journal as we explore the various countries and cultures.

If you would like to be notified by e-mail when we make updates to this web site, please let us know. You can do this by clicking on the "Request Updates" link on this page. Also, feel free to send us a note any time via the "Leave a Message" link. We like to keep in touch.

We hope you enjoy the journal.

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Further training
A beautiful spring day
Sense of gravity!
Insurance sorted out at last and Tony's test
Report from Florida
Back in Northampton
A day to relax and a good walk
All clean
Hello again to the motorhome
Old Sarum, Salisbury Cathedral and good news
Waiting patiently
Heading to Southampton
Monkey in the park and baking bread
A visit to London Zoo
Sunday back at Towcester
A week of snow and ice
Snowy Sunday Morning
Heading over to Grantham
Saying hello to our honorary Nomad
Collecting the new Car
Sorting things out and a walk around Towcester.
Purchasing a new car
Arrived safely back
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