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My trip is nearly over! I cannot believe I have been away 11 months, the time has just flown by. But have had the most incredible experiences ever, I know I have changed a lot and feel like I have seen so much of the world - have seen such extreme poverty that I didn't even know existed, The Inca Trail, The Amazon, learned a language, Angkor Wat - so many things is impossible to list them all. But am so glad I made the (very hard) decision to pack everything in and come away, has been the best year of my life and have so many stories to bore you all with you'll be fed up of my voice in a few weeks I am sure!
Have mixed feelings about coming home really, obviously am VERY excited about seeing my lovely family and friends but I think life back in UK is going to be very hard to adapt to at first. And as for the world of work & being in an office 5 days a week...well that is going to be just horrendous!! But i know this lifestyle cannot last forever & i need to get back to the real world one day...although am already making plans for my next trip. I think I need to see Africa next....anyone up for it??!
Asia has been great, I love it now after finding it so different at first - is just so relaxed and easy and the Thai people have to be the friendliest in the world.
I fly to Hong Kong tomorrow for 5 days and meeting my friend Beth so going to be a great way to finish off my trip, am very excited.
Then I will be home on the 16th - really looking forward to catching up with everyone! And especially looking forward to lots of homecooked food (mum am sending separate email with lots of requests!) the novelty of going out for meals definitely wears off when you've done it 3 times a day everyday for 11 months!

See you all soon
Lots of love Amy xx

PS Everyone always asks me which is my favourite country. I have been to 24 on this trip so is very hard question as don't think there's any country I have not liked! But top few are definitely Guatemala, Bolivia, Jamaica & Argentina...oh and probably Brazil too - it's impossible to say really!


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