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Please talk to me...I MISS YOU!!!

This is about my trip with an organisation called World Challenge in '09. It includes Thailand and Lao and 11 other kids from my school. There are also 2 teachers coming, 'Sondo' and Miss J, oh and our leader 'Stew'. It really is going to be the adventure of my life. It involves trekking, building a school, helping a less fortunate community, elephant rides, boat trips and sun baking. And millions of mosquitoes and leeches, way to ruin it guys.

Apart from them it's going to be great...I can't wait!
(that rhymes)

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2 days to go...
Flying out tomorrow!!!
we're here!!!
back into the realish world
how diddly doodly
big trek...
relaxation coming up!
it's a hard life
a shower and a bed :)
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