Around the World in 40 Days - Summer '08 travel blog

Around the World in 40 Days - Summer '08

Caleb and Laura travel blog
Welcome to the on-going Chronicles of the Wandering Minstrels! In this summer's exciting installment, the two crazy musicians go Around the World in 40 days, with each other, their backpacks, and the language barrier as their only constant companions.

Chapter I: UK & Uganda ended last July as the travellers arrived from an eye-opening trip to Uganda. Entirely overwhelmed by the African experience, the Minstrels spoke nothing of world travels ... Until November, when the younger Minstrel said to the other "Hey ... let's go to Siberia." Her reponse was simple: "You are CRAZY."

This only encouraged him though, and after painstaking research the Minstrel put forth the greatest sales pitch ever - the adventure of a life time, right around the globe, final destination: the Netherlands. His uncertain travelling companion finally agreed. None of the parents were completely impressed.

After many months of planning and many new things learned already, the Minstrel's packs were packed, VISAS received, quick-dry clothing purchased, itinerary/accomodations set, and language study ongoing ...

ON JULY 14th ... CA!EB Productions presents, an experience unlike any other: a trip clear around the globe, clear across the Eurasian continent, through every time zone, and using every major mode of transportation: Canada ... South Korea ... Siberia ... Mongolia ... Russia ... Tuva Republic ... Estonia ... Finland ... Germany ... Netherlands ... Belgium ... France ... Iceland ... Canada.

Chapter II: Around the World in 40 Days.

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Haarlem Jazz Festival
A Sleepy Capital
Sandblasted by the North...
A Perfect Day in Paris
Icelandic Stopover
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