Southwest USA - 2019 travel blog

Southwest USA - 2019

Here we go again!
This trip started back in July when I spotted an offer for cheap air fares on Air New Zealand to Los Angeles. So when Viv said "Why not?" I just sat down & booked us to fly out on the 10th of January & return on the 23rd of February, hopefully to miss the worst of the UK winter weather.
The problem then was what to do with the six & a half weeks once we got there. We looked at:-
1. Getting rail passes to travel around on the trains again like we did at the beginning of 2017.
2. Renting a car & travelling around as far as New Orleans & back, or
3. Renting a motorhome to do the same.
We did consider doing a combination of the above but in the end went for option 3 but going for a less ambitious trip.
The deciding factor came when I remembered a Camping Club that we hada good experience with out in California when we did our 15,000 mile caravan tour of the Southern states back in 2008. We joined their club which gives us the option of travelling around their sites & stopping for free. The only restriction is that we can only stay up to four nights at each camp before we have to move on. We can stay up to fourteen nights at any one camp but then have to wait a week before we can go to another of their sites.
So we are going to use four of their sites initially, staying four nights at the first three & ten nights at the fourth, in Cottonwood, Arizona. We stayed their before in 2008 & really enjoyed it, even playing Pickleball. After Cottonwood we will then head West, probably as far as Santa Fe before turning South down to El Paso before heading back to the West.
We'ii have to sort out other sites to go to until we get back to the club sites in California for another set of four night stops. That's the plan anyway & the club sites are all provisionally booked so we are pretty well set for our next little adventure. At least we are used to motorhoming & have experienced camping & touring in the USA.
We have five berth motorhome so if anyone fancies joining us for part of the trip just email me.
Should be fun, fingers crossed!
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