Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young

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Welcome to our trip journal! We will be going on the trip in our motorhome, with friends who also have a motorhome. Connie and Ron have been 'Out West' before and will be our wagonmaster and tour guide. This is a trip David has long wanted to make. I am getting used to the idea, and know we will have fun. We are taking Tyler and Bonnie, Ron and Connie will travel with their poodle, Sadie.

The purpose of this journal is to allow you, our family and friends, to check in on where we are and what we are up to. This will eliminate you being bothered with numerous emails from us when you don't have time. You can check in on our journal at your leisure, or not at all.

We have no set destination, no timetable, only Cities, Towns and States we would like to explore. Hopefully, we will encounter a local festival or two, oddball sites and funky small towns along with way.

We plan to travel no more than 300 miles in one day, and unless there is an urgent reason not to do so, we will stay at least two nights to two weeks in each location. Ron estimates our trip will be approximately 6500 miles.

I have an air card and there is a inverter in our motorhome. I will be able to be on line and receive emails. If any of you have suggestions of interesting places please let us know.

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