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South America 1989

4th April 2010

Welcome to my trip journal!

You could be forgiven for thinking there is a typing error in the title of this journal, but not so! This really is a journal from a journey which I took twenty one years ago.

It was my first real travel adventure and I guess you could call it diving straight in at the deep end. I had been travelling for about three or four days when I realized that so much had happened in the short time that, if it continued like that, I would never be able to remember it all. So I took a small notepad and started to jot down very rough notes whenever I was sitting on a plane, or a train or one of the very bumpy South American buses. There were definitely times when it was rougher than others! It was so rough, in fact, that I could hardly read parts of it once I was home, but it was enough to stimulate the memory cells and my journal came into being.

The first copy (after the rough, hand-written one) was typed on an old “sit up and beg” typewriter. It was a pain! If I made a mistake, I had to retype the whole page. But most people didn’t have a computer in those days. I believe it was a full twelve months after that before I acquired my first one, which was a second hand Commodore and in truth was little more than a glorified word processor.

I pasted a selection of pictures in between the text – literally, that is, with glue! By the mid-nineties, when I was in Turkey, my journal was beginning to fade quite badly, especially on the back of the glued bits! But by then, I had access to a decent (by mid-nineties standards) computer, so I decided that there was nothing for it but to retype the whole thing over again. We still didn’t have scanners, so I really did have to retype the whole thing, but at least, this time it would be saved, for posterity - on a floppy disc!!! Can you imagine? I believe I still have that disc but, of course, it’s no good to anyone.

I did, however, make a decent hard copy, using the school’s new, prized, laser printer and pasted in a new set of pictures – still with glue! Remember? No scanners at that time! I constructed a front and back cover and made the whole thing into an attractive spiral bound book, again using some of the school’s newly acquired equipment.

I was thrilled with my new journal and it graced the coffee table in my apartment for the remainder of my time in Turkey, after which it graced my next coffee table in Baguio City, Philippines for two years, at the end of which it came with me when I returned to Freeport in 1998. So for the last twelve years, it has graced my coffee table here at my home in Grand Bahama. But a few days ago, I noticed how tatty and dog-eared it was starting to look. So there is nothing for it, it will have to be redone yet again.

Now we have scanners which can copy editable text straight into the computer and we have internet. So the job will be much easier and my precious journal really can be saved for posterity. It would be nice to think that my grandchildren will value it at some time in the future, but if not, it doesn’t matter. I know I’m going to enjoy spending some time with it again and maybe some of you out there will enjoy reading it. I hope so!

There is one little problem in that the site doesn't allow for dates further back than 2001. I can type 1989 in the text or in titles, but on the homepage the dates on the page headings are selected from a drop-down menu which only allows dates from 2001 onwards. Hope it doesn't cause too much confusion! (March 2012 - I guess I have been working on this for almost two years now and I just discovered that, since I did the homepage, the dropdown menu of dates goes way back to 1989. What a coincidence! I wonder if someone at "my trip journal" noticed my need!)

I’m sure there will be some parts, to which I will want to add a 2010 comment (or 2011 or 2012!). If so, I will call them “Reflections” and label them R1 R2 .….. etc. I will then add the reflections at the end of the day's entry so as to maintain the text as it was in the original

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