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Southeast Asia 2014

Welcome to our trip journal!

It's been four years and two months since our last global trek together - hiking and mountain biking in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, learning about Berber culture and seeing what we're made of physically. We ended that same trip in 2010 with nine days of R&R driving throughout Portugal, visiting hilltop villages and consuming wine and cheese like it was going out of style.

We used to produce a trip journal like this annually, but in recent years life got in the way and our globe-trotting was halted. Until now!

Many have asked "What are you doing for the holidays?" When we've said passionately "Going to Cambodia!" we have been met with some strange looks. Even stranger when we say "followed by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam". It's not the mainstream choice of destinations, we get it. And if you've been following my journals back to 2007, you may remember that I made this choice personally once before.

Dale refers to the bulk of 2007 as The Summer of Renee. This is the time I was laid off from Discovery Channel after 15 years. I had a large severance package burning a whole in my pocket and a little voice in my head screaming LIVE FOR TODAY! Dale had just started with Aldon and couldn't take the time off, so I took a month off (of being out of work) and spent it exploring SE Asia.

Dale was so incredibly supportive. I would have been jealous as hell, and it would have made me crazy to look at his pictures and hear his stories. Not my guy - he's such a better person than I am. He only showed support, interest, love and concern for my safety. And the biggest thing was that he could have discouraged me from going - maybe using a valid reason like money - like maybe I should have been looking for a job! But he never did.

Fast forward to 2014 - Dale turned 50 in April. He has always wanted to see the Angkor Complex in Cambodia and I wanted to share with him some of my favorite places in SE Asia while creating new memories together. We tend to go for experiential gifts (theater tickets, a weekend away, art class, etc.) but I wanted this birthday gift to be extra special. And how cool is it that when you gift such a gift to your partner, by default you get to enjoy it too! Ain't my first rodeo!

We had to postpone the trip a few months to work around a couple of obstacles, but now we are in the harried prep phase and loving it!

Thank you for opting in to join us on our journey. We hope you enjoy it!

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Phnom Penh
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