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Ron & Elena's 2007-2010 Travels

Ron & Elena Engelsman travel blog
Welcome to our trip journal!

We started thinking about full time RVing in 2005. We got real serious in late 2006, started selling "stuff", put the house on the market in April 2007, and sold it in 10 days. We started our full-time adventure on June 1, 2007. After spending June in Southern CA to wrap-up loose ends we started traveling on July 2nd.

Our home is a 23' Komfort Travel Trailer. We tow it with a 2004 3/4-ton Chevy Avalanche (Hercules). We had this rig for vacations before we started full-timing. We call our trailer "Da Honu", Hawaiian for "The Turtle". Our GPS named Penelope completes our "team".

You are invited to join us on this adventure by following along with us on this web page and travel log. The map below shows where we are and where we have been. Below the map that is displayed there are hot links to other maps that show more detail of specific areas. Just click on those links to get a different map view. Click on the dates to the right of the map to read our journal entries and see photos.

We love to hear from our readers. Please use the links on this page to sign our guest book (to sign the guest book and leave a short message just click on the "leave a message" link in the upper right corner of this page), send us an email with your comments, or request that we send you an email whenever we update this page. We'd love to hear from anyone taking the time to read about our travels and would especially like to hear any suggestions you might have for improving this travel log.

You can also check out our Home Page for other information and links to some of our favorite web sites.

We'd love to hear from you by email at:

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