Tunisia, Mediterranean, Arab Peninsula, Iran, Leh Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bangladesh, Borneo, Flores to Australia travel blog

Tunisia, Mediterranean, Arab Peninsula, Iran, Leh Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bangladesh, Borneo, Flores to Australia

UPDATE 8-5-2019
India As Dictatorship
Okay, Bonnie has in mind to "Pick Up" all the spots we've missed that hold interest vis-a-vis historical sites, especially ancient ones. We leave Missoula, MT via friends down to Baja (see previous travel along the coast). I will not include these stops again except if they relate directly to onward travel from Baja to Tunisia when we fly February 14, 2012.
Homepage photo at the ruins in Lindos on March 30th, 2012.

Humans Are Doing It!
If you are interested in touring Iran our guide there(Medhi) you can contact him via email or phone. We can highly recommend his services! Email is: meh.shiraz2@gmail.com
Or phone: 00989397096734. He can assist you in getting a visa as well !
Ending our travels December 11, 2012 with a flight back to Missoula via Fiji and LA.

So, come along, join the fun...life is an adventure might as well 'get into it' with both feet, ha! This time our budget was blown by the tours and necessity of air travel. Bonnie is researching the later as I sit here entering this bit of internet blog. (Dec 20, 2011)
Turkmenistan tour...May 6 to 14/15 tentatively
Turkmenistan Tour Agency We Are Talking With...We have had to cancel this tour due to a dramatic increase in costs since we were there last, almost $200 US per day!!

Iran tour...May 18 to June 3/4
Website of Pars Tourist Travel Agency - One We Used

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READ: The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism For The Twenty-First Century by Grace Lee Boggs; Scott Kurashige. Failing that (because it could be passed on to others), check it out from your library!
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Documentary About Consumerism

From Book: Timeline by Michael Crichton
"The past has always been more important than the present. The present is like a coral island that sticks above the water but is built upon millions of dead corals under the surface that no one sees. In the same way, our everyday world is built upon millions and millions of events and decisions that occurred in the past. And what we add in the present is trivial. A teenager has breakfast, then goes to the store to buy the latest CD of a new band. The kid thinks he lives in a modern moment. But who has defined what a 'band' is? Who defined a 'store'? Who defined a 'teenager'? Or breakfast? To day nothing of all the rest, the kid's entire social setting - family, school, clothing, transportation, and government.
None of this has been decided in the present. Most of it was decided hundreds, thousands of years ago. This kid is sitting on top of a mountain that is the past. And he never notices it. He is ruled by what he never sees, thinks about, doesn't know."

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Tredbo - Perisher Valley
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