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Where's Phil?

Hello, Bonjour, Tag, Hola, Bula, Tschou zaemae ... G'day!

For those of you who don't know me - and yes, that is many :-) - I'm from the great land down-under ... Australia.

For years now, I promised myself I would see the world. Well, that time has finally arrived. I have "bitten the bullet" and taken extended leave from work. At the time of discovering this Lonely Planet service and setting up this web site, I had already begun my odyssey within Oz. (Gotta see your own back yard first, I reckon.)

So, starting November 2004, I am on a journey around parts of the world; see how the other half lives. I mean, we have a pretty diverse culture here in Aus, but it's not like seeing the real thing.

Anyway, sit back and enjoy the ride with me as I venture forth to the great unknown ...

Cheers, Phil.

PS: To make it a bit easier to follow my updates, I'm going to make an entry below here each time I do an update, noting the date and what. Hopefully, it will help.

8/3/05: Brought details up to leaving Fiji - Feb 12.
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Dec 15/04
Dec 13/04
Dec 12/04
Dec 11/04
Dec 10/04
Coober Pedy
Dec 8/04
Great Ocean Road -...
Great Ocean Road -...
Nov 30/04
Back to Melbourne
Nov 14/04
Litchfield & Kakadu
Driving to Darwin
Uluru and Kata-Tjuta...
Uluru (Ayer's Rock)
Leaving Home
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