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Welcome to the homepage for the first UF College of Pharmacy Short, Study-Abroad Trip! We will post daily messages about where we have been, people we have met, and things we have learned.

This trip is unlike our College's Spring Break service trips which provide care to under-served populations in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, as well as Thailand. The purpose of PharmSCAN 2012 is to learn about health care and health systems, all aspects of the practice of pharmacy, and pharmacy education in Scandinavia. We hope to learn about the people, the culture, language, and cuisine in Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

PharmSCAN 2012 is a credit-bearing, faculty-supervised, self-funded trip for senior pharmacy students at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. Five students are from our Orlando campus, three from Gainesville, and three from the St. Petersburg campus. The faculty member is Sven Normann, Pharm.D., who is the Associate Dean for Distance, Continuing, and Executive Education in the College of Pharmacy.

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The Trip Begins
PharmScan 2012 Officially Begins
Helsinki - Day 2
Helsinki - Day 3
Helsinki, Finland- Day 4
Copenhagen, Denmark - Day 5
Copenhagen, Denmark - Day 6
Copenhagen, Denmark - Day 7
Gothenburg, Sweden - Day 8
Oslo, Norway - Day 9
Oslo, Norway - Day 10
Oslo, Norway - Day 11
Oslo, Norway - Day 12
Oslo, Norway - Day 13
Stockholm, Sweden - Day 14
Stockholm, Sweden - Day 15
Uppsala, Sweden - Day 16
Stockholm, Sweden - Day 17
Stockholm / Frankfurt / Orlando - Day 18
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