Hannah & Michelle's Adventures travel blog

Hannah & Michelle's Adventures

Hannah & Michelle travel blog
Enjoy our journey , as we travel through Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

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Michelle and Hannah's Photo
One big step for a couple of Country Bumpkins
Two country Bumpkins swing from the trees in the...
Two Country Bumpkins & Hamish crack open a Tinny...
Two country Bumpkins climb hundreds of mountains .. ..
Happy Christmas
Photos from the Great Ocean Road
The Country Bumkins Christmas party in Melbourne !
Two Country Bumkins wish you all a Happy New Year.
Two Country Bumkins meet Rikk and Carrissa
Two Country Bumpkins go missing in action for a week !
Two country Bumpkins take a trip on the WILD SIDE
Guess What .. We are in NZ and our phones aren't...
Two Country Bumpkins make it to New Zealand ... !!!
Finally the photos of our adventures so far. !
Two Country Bumpkins leap of a platform and plumet...
Two Country Bumpkins make the most of their time...
Two Country Bumpkins get stranded in Auckland. !
The last chapter of two country bumpkins on their...
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