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Life is short. I never want to be the one who looks back and says I should have, would have or could have. I never want to be disappointed by the things I didn’t do. I want to live life as big as possible. I want to work hard. I want to travel hard.

I constantly dream of the unfamiliar, desire testing the boundaries of life and carry a strong thirst of getting to know the world. I’ve learned there are no right ways just different ways of living. My journeys have helped shape who I am today. They have changed me and will continue to refine me. I’ve learned that memories define the meaning of life.

Travel has helped me overcome the darkest of my days. Reverting to memories, my journeys have reminded me that I am fearless and that I can overcome anything I want. It forces me to trust strangers and to lose sight of all the familiar comforts of home. I’ve experienced the world the way it is, not the way I interpreted. I’ve met the wealthiest and the poorest of all people in countries far from home. I’ve bear witnessed to places and people no words will ever describe. I’ve encountered the limitless kindness of humankind. In my world, nothing will ever again be just black and white.

This is a spiritual journey of sorts. I’ll be traveling to Nepal, home of the world’s highest mountain, Bhutan, known for being the happiest place on earth and for being one of the last untouched countries, India, a place where modern technology gets reborn every day along with a history of monuments that existed several thousands of years ago, Sri Lanka, a country that has the longest of documented histories in the world and finally Maldives, the world’s lowest country, I’ll be sailing the ancient coral reefs created from towering volcano’s.

I have been frightened. I have been spiritually blessed. I have found true peace. I have taken it all in. I have listened intently. I have walked in crowded European streets. I have sailed the highest of seas. I have meandered down poverty stricken dirt roads. I have been in magical squares and majestic cities. I have played with exotic animals both old and young. I have swam in seas that have taken thousands of lives. I have watched an Arabian sunset. I have traveled the Sahara Desert. I have watched an African moon rise. I live. I learn. I discover. I travel.

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