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The trip from Cairns to Perth will encompass the major cities of Australia as well as some detours along the way.
Progress reports will submitted on a regular basis and location will be indicated by the map.

The trip can be split into the folowing stages

Cairns to
Townsville 341km

Townsville to
Rockhampton 648km

Rockhampton to
Brisbane 649km

Brisbane to
Coffs Harbour 448km

Coffs Harbour to
Sydney 526km

Sydney to
Orbost 653km

Orbost to
Melbourne 393km

Melbourne to

Melbourne to
Mt Gambier 534km

Mt Gambier to
Adelaide 431km

Adelaide to
Port Augusta 319km

Port Augusta to
Ceduna 467km

Ceduna to
Eucla 491km

Eucla to
Caiguna 340km

Caiguna to
Norseman 374km

Norseman to
Merredin 461km

Merredin to
Perth 277km