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Hi all! we only have a very rough outline of the trip so far, but here goes:
bangkok for three days first off
NZ for 6 weeks, including the wedding of the year (joint first with smegs and darren, pete and becks, witty and hannah etc.....) on the 25th February in arrowtown.
Fly from Christchruch to Sydney 27th March, with main aim to by a car and explore to our hearts content.
Fly out of Perth to bali on the 19th June.

From there on it gets a bit patchy, will fill in more information when we get our lives together (in a good while...)
Feb 16, 2008 - Fly from Heathrow to Bangkok.
main aim of the day - ti get Jonnie and Rach up-graded. I will play the 'wedding party' card.
Feb 20, 2008 - Fly from Bangkok to Christchurch via Auckland.
Off to Hotel So for much needed rest.