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Flight numbers given have already been booked. Flight times are in local time. Flight dates may change as fully flexible ticket (but subject to availability - unlikely to be able to change Mumbai-Bangkok 19-Dec & Auckland-Santiago 28-Apr). Other flights will be booked locally as we need them as it's cheaper. We plan to update the itinerary if we change our plans. See you next year!

22-Nov-2003 BA243 11:30 Fly London Heathrow to Delhi (arrive 01:25 next day)
India - train/bus through Agra and Rajasthan to Mumbai

19-Dec-2003 CX750 05:05 Fly Mumbai to Bangkok (arrive 10:30)
Thailand 3.5 weeks - Return flight to Phuket or Krabi - learn to dive, fly back to Bangkok, Thai massage course in Bangkok whilst waiting for Vietnam Visa
Cambodia 0.5 weeks - Fly to Siem Reap to visit Anghor Wat
Vietnam 2 weeks - Fly to Ho Chi Minh, Bus up the coast, Hanoi
Laos 2 weeks - Fly to Vientiane, Bus to Luang Prubang, Boat to Thai border
Thailand 2 weeks - Bus to Chiang Rai, Bus to Chiang Mai for cooking course, Train to Bangkok. TIMINGS WITHIN SE ASIA ABOVE ARE APPROXIMATE AT THE MOMENT.

28-Feb-2004 BA009 17:10 Fly Bangkok to Sydney (arrive 06:10)
Australia - Drive to Brisbane, QF069 17-Mar 10:05 Fly to Cairns 12:20 (advanced diving course on barrier reef), QF989 24 Mar 09:40 Fly to Ayers Rock 11:50, Bus to Alice Springs, QF722 27 Mar 16:45 Fly to Adelaide 19:40, Drive to Melbourne

3-Mar-2004 QF195 09:10 Fly Melbourne to Christchurch (arrive 14:25)
New Zealand - Drive around South Island, Ferry to Wellington, Drive to Auckland

28-Apr-2004 QF321 17:10 Auckland to Santiago (arrive 12:20 next day)

Chile - LA285 30-Apr 11:15 Fly to Punta Arenas 15:35 in Patagonia, bus to Puerto Natales, trekking in Torres del Paine, bus to El Calafate (Argentina) for Moreno Glacier, bus back to Puerto Natales, 4 day ferry to Puerto Montt, LA270 18-May 15:35 Fly to Santiago 17:10, LA530 18-May 20:15 Fly to Lima 23:00

Peru - LP035 19-May 11:10 Fly to Cusco 12:20, learn spanish for 2 weeks, trek to Macchu Picchu 1 week, stay for Inca Sun Festival (learn more spanish?) 2 weeks, train/bus via Lake Titicaca to La Paz 1 week

Bolvia - 3/4 weeks La Paz & Bus/Train to Salar Uyuni, maybe Potosi & Sucre, maybe fly back to La Paz, or get train over Andes to Northern Chile

Peru - 2 weeks Bus to Arequipa (Colca Canyon for Condors) & Nazca Lines, Lima, fly or bus to Quito

Flights booked from now on don't yet have specified dates as too far in advance:

Ecuador - 3/4 weeks Quito & Galapagos Islands, LA554 fly Quito to Santiago
Chile - 2 weeks Santiago go skiing ?, LA431 fly Santiago to Buenos Aires Argentina - 2 weeks at least Buenos Aires, learn to tango, bus to Iquaza Falls
Brazil - 2 weeks bus/fly to Rio, BA246 fly Rio to London