MyTripJournal Travel Blogs
The following is a very rough guide of our planned route. The dates are not very accurate but hopefully it gives an idea of where we plan to visit and approximately when. Of course it will no doubt all change as we go along!!

Oct 12th 2006: Leave home for Kathmandu (Nepal)for 4 weeks trekking
Nov/Dec 2006: Cycle Kathmandu to Lhasa (Tibet) on Friendship Highway
Dec 2006: Train from Lhasa to Chengdu (China)
Dec 2006/Jan 2007: Cycle Chengdu to Kunming (South China)
Jan/Feb 2007: Cycle Kunming to Northern Vietnam
Feb/Mar 2007: Cycle Northern Vietnam to Laos
Mar 2007: Cycle through Laos
Apr 2007: Cycle through Cambodia to Thailand
Apr 2007: Cycle through Thailand
May/June/July 2007: Return to Scotland
Jul/Aug 2007: Cycle Malaysia to Singapore:
Aug 12th 2007: Fly Singapore to Perth (Australia)
Sept 9th 2007:Fly Perth to Christchurch (New Zealand)
Sept-Nov 2007: Cycle to Auckland
Nov 6th: Fly Auckland to Santiago (Chile)
Nov/Dec 2007: Cycle South to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego
Jan/Feb 2008: Bus, Cycle and Ferry North through Chile and Argentina to Mendoza
March 2008:Cycle in Northern Argentina to Bolivia
April/May 2008: Cycle through Bolivia to Peru
May/June 2008: Cycle through Peru to Ecuador
June/July 2008: Cycle in Ecuador then fly to Mexico and cycle north
July/Aug 2008:Cycle to Southern California
Sep/Oct 2008: Cycle Southern California to Seattle
Oct/Nov 2008: Cycle Seattle to Vancouver (Canada)