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It looked as if it was going to be a good day so we headed along the coast to Llandudno. The very genteel town sits on a headland with the Llandudno Bay to the east and the Conwy Bay to the west. On the Llandudno Bay side there is beach and promanade with views of the Great Orme to the north and Little Orme to the south , both limestone hummocks. We walked from the southern end of the town along the promanade to the main part of the town. It certainly was a nice day for a change.

The history of Llandudno revolves around the Great Orme where St Tudnes who brought Christianity in the 6th century built monastic cells that gives the town its name.Copper was later found in the area and exploited over many centuries. In early Victorian a local landowner, Edward Mostyn, decided to exploit the growing craze for sea bathing and built a resort for the upper middle classes hence the Victorian frontage of the town.

Before our walk back along the promanade we stopped at the St Tudnes Hotel for a coffee. The hotel plays on its history that Alice Lidell then 8 years old stayed at the hotel with her family. Alice is believed to be inspiration for the Alice in Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Caroll a friend of the family.

After our walk and exploration we then headed onto the Great Orme by taking the tolled Marine Road. Great Orme was formed about 300 million years ago at the bottom of a tropical sea and is made of limestone veined with mineral bearing rock particularly copper. The Great Orme got its name from from Old Norse meaning "worm" or "Sea serpent" as it is believed that is how the Vikings saw the rock appearing out of the mist.

We made our way to the summit where we found there was quite a few people as not only is there a road up but also a cable car and a tramway. After admiring the views from the top we continued along the Marine Road around the Great Orme. The road gave some great sea vistas high above the sea and we also got a sighting of the ferel goats that live on the Great Orme.

An excellent day.

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