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Community gardens Derry

One of the Murals


This morning we catch the train to Londonderry (what the protestants call the city) and Derry (which is what the Catholics call the city). The train follows the coast for quite some way and is very scenic. We see paddocks sowed with potatoes and others growing turf. Also forests of willows planted for biofuel.

Upon arrival we cross the river Foyle and commence a walk around the old city walls. From one point we can see across the suburbs – cannot remember now whether catholic or protestant – but despite the ‘peace’ the city is still divided on religious grounds.

We see a little graffiti and one or two murals. Once again the whole city used to be covered in these – today the city is quite clean and and presentable. Certainly an effort is being made to clean up and modernise the city centre.

We eat lunch on the wall and eventually make our way back to the station – this time to return to Portrush.

The weather today sunny and quite warm – almost 20 degrees.

We make our way back along the scenic routes and then inland to visit a waterfall. We have tea here as Carol is once again on night duty. We eventually reach home about 7.30.

Amuses me when the word ‘wee’ is used, Victor is always referring to a wee road or a wee girl.

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