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One of San Diego's many Jack-A-Randa Trees

Pink Flowering Lily Pad


Another Orchid

A beautiful grouping of yellow orchids

A red Amaryllis

An exotic orchid



A beautiful waxy leaf

The inside of the botanical gardens

Purple Hydrangea

Very unique orchid

A beautiful rose from the Rose Gardens

A pretty yellow rose

A white rose from the Rose Gardens

The colorful grounds in the Spanish Village

Mr. Turtle in the botanical garden lily pond

It is gorgeous

Another pond at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens

Exotic fish in one of the ponds

Pink Orchid

Len doing his thing amongst all the colors

Colorful calla lilies

What timing!

A medley of colorful hydrangeas

Living our dreams!

A beautiful bud

An artistic shot from the Rose Garden

I finally got him on his knees!!!

A flora of "wing ding" roses

Brazilian Plume Flower

A medley of Bromeliads

Another Bromeliad

A different kind of rose

Rose scented Geranium

Very delicate


Another beautiful rosebud

An exotic orchid plant

Moreton Bay Fig Tree

We started out this day for the zoo. Got a late start and would only have had 2 1/4 hrs in the zoo. Not enough time for the big bucks required for admission. Optioned to do the zoo another day.

Instead, we went to Balboa Park. What a park...1400 acres. We took advantage of the free trams and got on for an overview of the park. We finally got off in the Prado courtyard. We visited the free Botanical Gardens and walked around the greater area to enjoy the grounds. We visited the Rose Garden and found the Moreton Fig Tree. It is over 100 yrs old. With a girth of 45 feet, height of 90 feet and canopy that spans 150 feet. One humongous tree for sure! Enjoy all the beauty we discovered.

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