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The Carousel






Entrance to the Eagle Center. It's on the Mississippi.

The eagle watched the Mississippi River during the class.

Still watching the river. She was angry when she was put down...

She has a broken wing. They are huge. Surprisingly she only weighs...

Thirsty Gal.


Jaxon. This is as close as you can get

Golden Eagle that had been hit by a car.

She had a bad eye.


Picture opt!



Bridge to Wisconsin.

Farmer Jay. City boy on a tractor. He grinned for an hour.

Better than go carts!

Old house on the property that is being torn down. Braxton was...

The old house.

Salvaging the wood.


We came North to get out of the Arizona summer heat. It is 91 degrees today with 50% humidity. Yuk! We decided it would be a good day to drive over to Wabasha, MN to visit the National Eagle Center.

We did a few side trips. Larry was showing the boys his old stomping grounds. Creeks he use to swim in, inspiration point, where his dad grew up. The kids soaked all of it up.

We stopped at the Lark Toy Center to see the hand made carousel. It took the boys a while to walk around the toys and look at the 'old' toys on display. We had lunch there and Jaxon took a ride on the carousel.

The Eagle Center had 4 large eagles and a golden eagle. They had been rescued and could not go back into the wild. Minnesota is the number 2 state in eagle population. Alaska is first with Florida as number 3.

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