Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

landscape between Novo Mesto and Metlika

Tomaz's grandparents house in Metlika

backyard at the house

back of the house

Lydia and Tomaz

town above Metlika where relatives are as well


the area

facts about the area

traditional slovenian clothing

me and a plane from WWII

the plane

i'm standing in Slovenia but across the river is Croatia

overlooking the area

me and the Metlika sign

drinkin wine in the wine cellar

me and Tomaz's sister

Tomaz's sister's fiance's mom pouring me some wine

All of us

Frank and Mary Novlan?

The Uhr family

me and the boys hangin out at a castle

the castle

purty river

Up early and had some breakfast. For easter you have ham with fresh grated horseradish. After eating we were on our way to Metlika. Tomaz's parents still live there in the same house. We stopped there to drop off the kids and then Tomaz and I went off. We went to the museum there and learnt about the area and why great grandma and grandpa would have left. A disease wiped out all the grape harvest for a few years and there was not enough money for everyone so 1/3 of the population left for the americas or western europe.

We drove al around and Tomaz snapped pictures of me everywhere. Tomaz's sister is engaged to a guy who's family has a winery so we stopped there to meet her. They have a little baby. We got to try wine straight from the vats there. Really good! They also make 100% pure apple juice. So yummy.

Then back to Tomaz's parents for lunch. Lots of good food and wine again! We headed back to Novo Mesto in the late afternoon and stopped to see a castle on the river. That night Vane, Ivor and I went to see a movie. Mr Bean's holiday. It was in english with Slovenian subtitles. Really funny movie.

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