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The entrance to West Fork Oak Creek Trail.

We are going to hike up into that canyon!

Old settlement abandoned in the late 1890's.



The canyon gets a bit narrow and goes straight up on both...

Blayde seems to like being carried on our hikes.






This is where we took a break for a snack and water.



Such pretty flowers everywhere on this hike.

I'm glad we didn't have to try to climb up out of...

Dirty faced boy! He kept wanting to play in the sand by...

Break time.


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A wide spot in the creek.

(MP4 - 973 K)

Blayde trying to catch minnows.

We made it to the West Fork Oak Creek Trail in the Coconino National Forest today and it is the best hike I have ever been on! The scenery was amazing, the weather was perfect, and the path (though harder in some spots) was rated by the forest service as a “moderate difficulty” trail making for some great exercise!

I took lots of pictures (but only posted some of them here) and a couple videos. The video I posted here of Blayde was after he had repeatedly tried to catch the minnows he could see in the creek. He would try and try then run around in a circle in frustration and then try again. It was so cute watching his attempts at fishing.

Though we met other hikers on the trail we found that the further up the trail we hiked the fewer the human population. There were lots of wildflowers along the trail of various sizes and colors. It made me wish I had a field guide with me for identification purposes.

At one part of the trail we wanted to see how far we had gone into the canyon. I tried to pull up my GPS on my iPhone but found that we were too deep in the canyon to get a signal. Good thing we weren’t relying on electronics for this hike!

All in all it was a perfect hiking day.

We are currently staying at Black Bart’s RV Park in Flagstaff for the night. We got laundry done, showers taken, dinner cooked and cleaned up after… so now we can rest and get a great night of sleep. I imagine all three of us will sleep wonderfully after all of our hiking and fresh air today!

Happy Travels,


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