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Too windy to climb the volcano today

At PN Herrquehue they had run out of maps so we took...

View of Volcan Villarrica (the one that we didn't climb today)

Waterfall half way up the ascent

Lago Tinquilico & Volcan Villarrica from a viewpoint near the top of...

Handily Karen (a fellow Navimagger) was with us to capture us at...

Lago Chico

Cheeky chichita at Lago Verde

There's a man and his dog kipping on that rock

Welcome to Laguna Los Patos

Laguna Los Patos amidst the monkey puzzle tree forest

Laguna Huerquehue

Trees also known as Araucarias (its structure would surely puzzle a monkey)

Karen was glad Sarah was in front & didn't want to get...

Laguna el Toro

After climbing back down we checked out another waterfall

Will we get to climb Volcan Villaricca tomorrow ?

We arrived at Pucon eager to tackle the volcano but as you can see from the first picture it was a kind of windy when we got there, so didn't even try. We raced back and hopped into a taxi for a days hike in Parque Nacional Huerquehue. Lots of rivers, waterfalls, alpine lakes and monkey puzzle tree forests.

It was good to blow away the Navimag cobwebs with an 9 km hike rising from 700 to 1300 metres on the way to a series of lakes. So an easy 18 km return hike today. Hopefully the wind will improve for tomorrow and we will be able to climb the volcano.

We hiked with Karen from the Navimag ferry who incidently has the same camera as us. Karen taught us how to use the zoom better. A new world has opened up to us.

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