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South of Flagstaff.

Driving up Mingus Mountain.

Driving up Mingus Mountain to Jerome, AZ.

Driving around some of those corners was a little frightening as we...

The road is fairly narrow with an average speed of 25 miles...

Will took this as we were driving along, lots of curves, no...

We were up there...

There are old abandoned mines all along this road.

I imagine that it had to be difficult getting supplies into this...


Almost to Jerome... haven't fallen off the mountain yet!

Blayde is tired of driving today already.

Jerome, Arizona

Willis took this shot through the windshield as I drove.





Looking up at Jerome, AZ.

Yesterday morning (Sunday) we drove up 89A (along Oak Creek) in hopes of hiking the West Fork trail. We expected that the Memorial Day weekend might bring out a few more campers/hikers but we were not prepared for the large crowds we encountered on the roadways and in the public areas. As we neared the entrance to the West Fork parking area my heart sank. There was a line of vehicles waiting (from the fee booth all the way to the road) to get in. All those vehicles sitting there with their engines off in hopes that someone would leave and free up a parking spot. The man in the parking fee booth was kicked back, reading a magazine, which indicated to us he didn’t plan on having to let too many more people into the parking area. So we drove on past the parking area and enjoyed a scenic drive to Flagstaff. From there we went to Prescott.

Prescott was very pretty and cool so we decided that would be a good place to spend the night. We took a lovely walk along the top of one of Prescott’s higher hills and enjoyed the view and sunset. Arizona does have beautiful sunsets.

This morning we left Prescott and drove to Jerome. The road to Jerome took us up Mingus Mountain via a curvy, narrow, two-lane road. I had spots on this road where I held my breath as I steered Clyde around some narrow hairpin turns. Yet I found myself in awe as we met a big Class A motor home pulling a boat going the other direction on this same road. That guy has some guts.

Jerome, an old mining town, was crowded but the weather was perfect. Although we have both been to Jerome before it never ceases to amaze us how those old buildings are able to cling to the side of that mountain without sliding off into the valley below.

Now this evening we will be staying in Cottonwood with hopes of trying, once again, to hike the West Fork Oak Creek Trail in the Coconino National Forest. Willis chuckles at my persistence but I am determined to do this hike. Let’s just hope we can get into the parking area in the morning!

Happy Travels,


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