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Trail to the Stanley Glacier

First view of the glacier

Looking back down the valley

Beautiful waterfalls




Lunch with a view







Onwards to the glacier




Now for the steep bit

Luckily the snow makes the steep bit easier





Final push to the top

Stanley ice

A solid wall

That's Dale down there

Alicia and Phil

View down the valley

Lots of photos to be taken

Self portrait

The wall close up


Starting down

Slow and steady


Clouds rolled in, time to go



One more look at the glacier

Heading out


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Alicia and Phil joined us on a hike into the Stanley Glacier today. It is an easy hike to the end of the maintained trail but our goal was to head up the scree to get close to the waterfalls and then go right to the foot of the glacier and touch the ice. Luckily there was still some snow beside the glacier because it was a lot steeper than it looked from down below and walking up the scree would have been impossible. But boot kicking up the snow worked great and we were able to get up close and personal with Stanley before some clouds moved in and thunder had us making a bee-line back down the valley. We've done this hike before and enjoyed it but never as much as today!

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