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We saw many flowers on the drive along US-84 today

Nice roadside picnic area where we stopped for a break this morning

Mostly the view out the windshield looked a lot like this all...

Silent Wings Museum at the Lubbock airport.












Cockpit and nose hinged-up when loading cargo.

The small jeep about filled the cargo bay.

Parts of the frame were metal tubes, much of it was wood,...

This broken wing section allows a peak at how the inside of...

Typical barracks here at the base during the war.





Looking forward from the door under the wing. Only the area forward...

Looking toward the rear of the plane from the door under the...

Tail wheel and drag chute.

Cockpit structure as viewed from the rear.

Side view of cockpit. Just needs the fabric added over the structure.

Tow line attachment.



Link simulator cockpit on the right, trainer's desk on the left.

The "crab" on the trainer's desk drew out the course the pilot...

Simulator cockpit.


(Ron Writing) We left Sweetwater this morning and went a short distance west on I-20 to US-84 north. We took US 84 northwest to Lubbock, TX arriving shortly after noon. This is a long drive through some very flat land. Most of the land is used for farming, probably cotton since we saw cotton gins in some of the towns. The area is sparsely populated with long distances between farm houses or small towns. There are also many oil wells in this area.

This afternoon we toured the Silent Wings Museum in Lubbuck. This interesting little museum is dedicated to the glider pilots that served during WW II. It tells the story of the airmen and the planes they flew. We certainly learned many things about this branch of the Army during our tour today. It’s a very unique and worthwhile museum.

After we finished touring the museum we drove to the Wal*Mart in Lubbuck. I had the oil changed in the pickup at the Wal*Mart tire and lube shop. We decided to spend the night in the parking lot here.

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