Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

dragon bridge in Ljubljana

view from bridge

streets in Ljubljana

door of a church

castle on the hill

they were filming a movie in the river

view from my hostel

Breakfast at the hostel was awesome this morning. Scrambled eggs, sausage, juice, cereal, bread, buffet style. Loved it! I got on the train to Ljubljana, Slovenia. I shared a compartment with an Austrian girl studying in Ljubljana. She had been to Canada before, in BC and Banff so that was cool. She loved it there. At the border between Austria and Slovenia the train gets stopped and guards come on to check passports. I got a stamp in mine, hooray!!

Found my way to the hostel. Very friendly people. Dropped my stuff and went out to see the town. Saw the dragon bridge and a huge open air market full of fruits and vegetables. Lots of wooden things like what grandma Novlan had in her yard. Lots of homemade baskets too.

They were filming something for a movie or tv show in the river so I watched that for a bit. Got some groceries from the store and back at the hostel I met Alfred from Victoria, BC. nice enough kid. Only 19 and had every part of his trip planned and booked ahead. So much to learn!!

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