We left Mt. Shasta RV Park about 9:30 towards our destination of Lake Almanor. We drove the 138 miles to Lake Almanor through complete wilderness-surrounded by only pine trees and winding narrow roads-we wondered if the road would just end in a forest. We had several stops for road construction and negotiated some wicked short detours. Finally we arrived at the Big Cove RV Park right on the shore of Lake Almanor. I held my breathe as I drove down the narrow drive and had to negotiate a tough turn and then back 200 feet into our RV space. We were tired and spent. Then just as we settled in we had the misfortune of the 30 AMP circuit breaker repeatedly shorting out. I must have walked out 15 times to turn it back on and we were hardly running anything in the bus except fans.

Well it was very frustrating as we faced 6 more days of that annoyance. Bill grew frustrated with me for complaining, but no one was available to help with the solution. Finally after a night's sleep we had the problem resolved when the park manager installed a new circuit breaker in the park's electric box. What a relief!

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