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The view from the entrance of the RV park.


The view waiting for the shuttle uptown.

Blayde's first ride on a Trolley (the shuttle uptown).

View from the shops.


The people in those houses get to see this view everyday!

Views around Sedona.

Looking "downtown".

Looking "uptown".

Such pretty colors.

Standing in front of the visitor's center.

There is one of those free trolleys... the drivers get to see...

Very pretty views in Sedona, AZ.

A rain storm is coming.

“Hello. Are you here on your honeymoon?”

“Hi, no, my husband and I came here for our honeymoon many years ago, but we are simply here for a visit this time.”

“Well, your aura is a pulsating mushroom shape and it gives me a headache; I associate that with a honeymooner’s aura. What can I do for you today?”

This was the conversation I had with the lady at the desk upon entering the RV office yesterday to register for our stay.

Sedona is an interesting place. This area has lots of natural beauty and many interesting people. We rode the free shuttle uptown today and then I walked the entire town back to our RV park (Willis and Blayde didn’t feel like shopping so they stayed on the shuttle and rode it back to the RV park). This entailed lots of walking, lots of shops to browse, and lots of tempting food items to consider along the way. However, after all that walking, I didn’t buy a thing. It wasn’t because there weren’t oodles of beautiful artwork in the various art galleries (how much art could we possibly fit into Clyde?) and it wasn’t because I didn’t admire the craftsmanship and beauty of all the turquoise jewelry (again, how much jewelry does one person need?) it was simply because I realized there wasn’t anything I needed/wanted in all those shops! It is amazing how shopping has lost much of its appeal since we started living in a van!

Food? That was the most tempting. There were numerous menus posted along the sidewalk in front of various eateries that held the promise of many a culinary treat… but $10 for a basic hamburger (fries were extra) seemed a little high… not to mention some of the prices on the more exotic menu items. I decided today would be a good day to get into Clyde’s little freezer and thaw that goulash my mother cooked and sent along with us from Texas… nothing in any of those restaurants can compare with that!

What I liked best about Sedona all those many years ago, and again this visit, is the scenery. I can’t seem to stop snapping pictures of the area! Although I persist in trying to capture the depth and color of the various rock formations in the region, they never come out as vibrant digitally as they appear in person. There was a rain storm coming towards me as I snapped many of the pictures. The storm created a gray sky which made the reds harder to capture via photography but the weather also created some interesting textured clouds as backdrops to the rugged red rocks. Very beautiful indeed.

Currently, this afternoon, it is raining but tomorrow we plan on doing some hiking along various trails in the area. I am hoping it clears up for us by morning so we can hike as planned. However, I do so appreciate this cooler weather and the ability to get back outside again without sweltering.

Happy Travels,


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