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Augusta - the most South Westerly town in Australia!

Busy times

Life is difficult and stressful

Gareth and Helen in Augusta

The main lake in Augusta

Helen next to one of the Jettys in Augusta

Random name for a random boat

The river and more of the Southern Australian coastline in the distance

Cape Leeuwin lighthouse

Random island in the distance

Extreme closeup of the lighthouse

Helen's in smiles in our exciting car, Ben.

It's very exciting at the lighthouse.

Geeks: Plot our location now.

The whole thing with the Oceans. They love that. Wahay!

The coast looking north. Lovely.

More moody images


<----Southern Ocean Indian Ocean---->

Gareth can't cope with it all

Helen, loving the dynamic moment.

Artistic, eh?


On the Sunday we started the day by heading down to Augusta, which is the most South-Westerly town in Australia (a la Penzance stylee). After we had arrived and checked out the river opening (very beautiful - see pics soon!), we headed back up to the town, which consisted of a petrol station, a fish shop and a cafe. The cafe looked good, although we witnessed someone get fired on our behalf, which was pretty cool.

The guy behind the counter got our order spetacularly wrong, but didn't really seem to care that much, when his boss was asking him what he was up to, the little brat asked "When can I go home anyway?", to which the boss replied "How about now!!?". Hehe. Great fun. A replacement was there within minutes. 10 minutes after that her friends were there helping themselves to free drinks. It's a funny world.

We got out of Augusta as quickly as we could - it wasn't quite our thing. It was very quirky and small town - a bit freaky to be honest.

We carried on to the far South-Westerly point of Australia - Cape Leeuwin. Marked by a 100 year old lighthouse, the cape separates The Southern and Indian Oceans, although you really wouldn't know it to look out to sea. After messing around taking photos and videos it really was a bit nippy, so we headed off up to Margaret River - the main town in the area.

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