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What is it?

A bunch of those things they call trees

Destiny takes a break

Smoked turkey from Bills

A three meat plate from Bills

Bills dining room

Bill's pit and that's a lot of pit


Birdhouse signage is weird in Texas.

My girl like Texas picnic shelters

Traveled from Fort Stockton to Kerrville yesterday. Saw 73 road kills, 23 oil wells, four oil drilling rigs, 897 cows with numbered days, and some big green things that required an internet search to identify. After a lengthy search and comparing photos to the actual big green things, we determined that they were actually trees. Trees had existed in our earlier travels, but had been missing so long that we had forgotten what they look like.

We came to rest in a really neat campground/resort and Linda again gave her personal chef the night off and went on a search for barbeque. She found another our kind of place and off we went to Bill's barbeque. It was another of those Wow places that don't look like much, but this one sure knew something about smoking meat and the veggies were pretty good also.

Today was wash the truck, grocery shop and sit back and relax. Tomorrow is Corpus Christi.

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