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Moving day since being back in the UK always has its challenges. Today had more than most.

On move days we now always have to do a black(UK chemical) and grey dumps. Today was the first time we had to use the masserater in the UK to do the black dump as the campground had no manhold cover or motorhome dump facility where we could dump using our 3 inch hose. This process takes longer so it was nearly midday before we left the campground.

Our next job was to fill up with LPG at the nearby petrol station as we had used quite a bit with the cold wet weather. This was the easy part as the garage had a high canopy and an autogas(LPG) pump easy to get to. We still find it very strange that we have to pump our own LPG compared to Canada where there has to be a certified attendant or member of staff. Also only small portable tanks are available at campgrounds.

We eventually got on the road and headed the long way via the motorway and dual carriageways to just between Kendal and Windermere in the southern part of the Lake District.

All was fine until we turned onto the road down to the campground. The lane was tree lined which due to the rain had grown profusely. Before we book any campground we check via Google maps (using the street view)the route in. On this campground we knew the lane was treed but had been assured by the campground that there would be no problem as they had had American motorhomes, Fifth wheels, coaches and model homes on low trailers down the lane without any problems. They lied! The issue was that no one had trimmed the trees to keep them in order! In half a mile we brushed many trees. Fortunately we only got a couple of scratches.

We complained when we got to the office but they were dismissive. The campground is owned by the Caravan and Camping Club and so run by wardens who do not really care. We were shown to our site which was easily big enough but we noticed that the trees within the campground also needed cutting.

We set up the coach and tried to chill out for the rest of the day.

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