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23rd January

Went down for breakfast to be told that we had to have a ticket for breakfast. Well that's a bit of a lie; they told us something but we had no clue as to what it was. The cafe person had to go find someone who spoke English because, oh, ibis has a hotel in one of the most popular tourist places to go in Brazil and they don't require, as they did in Vitoria, where there's not many tourists, to speak English. We were then asked if we weren't given any when we checked in....they think we're mad? No of course we weren't given any, that's why we didn't bring them to breakfast! Anyway, chap gave us 2? I asked for the other 4 because, well, we're there for 3 nights so why wouldn't we want our breakfast on the other 2 mornings. Idiot! Breakfast; well it's certainly not like the other one. Firstly the bread rolls are stale, so stale I can't cut into them. Not as nice this one.

It's raining today. Not just a little rain but chucking it down. Guys wondering whether he should wear his golf jacket which isn't waterproof incidentally, or our plastics Mac thingys we brought from £land. I'm wearing mine. And my flip flops. Well, if I get my feet wet they'll dry. If I get my shoes or sandals wet they won't or not quickly enough. Guy relents and wears his placky mac too but wears his sandals. He doesn't like walking in flip flops. He obs does like walking in wet sandals 瀞.

Decide to go to the Mercado Central. We were advised that this is one place we should go. And it's inside...that'll help today. Put it on maps on my phone. Not far. Well, it's a really huge building and inside are 'stalls/shops' of every description mainly categorised. For example, all the pet shops are together, all the food supplements are together. Well the pet stores sell everything you can imagine from kittens and puppies (poor little things in cages. The kittens were the saddest I think), black swans...? Why? Peacocks, fully grown, pheasants, geese, chickens, all varieties, a turkey! All these are fully grown. We even came to a pair of 'micro piglets'. We all know that these are just cute baby piggies don't we. There's actually no such thing as micro pigs.

Spent a couple of hours in here looking at all the goodies. Didn't buy anything except a couple of postcards...yes, found some! But I've already written a couple we bought in Vitoria. Hey ho! We now have to find the damn post office. Do a search on my phone and follow the instructions. Is it there? No! We ask a couple of people and they direct us to where it should be but it's not. We're standing outside a restaurant with our map when a young lady comes over and asks where we want to go. Initially we say we're going to a palace which we are, then we explain were trying to find the post office. There's a PO van parked so she bangs on his window and asks for us. Then directs us. Find it. Write the new cards as well and post them all just in case we can't again. Then retrace our steps to where we started to find the girl where we'd left her. She thought she'd sent us the long way to the palace and waited outside to catch us before we started off. How kind. But that's what we've found. Everyone is so kind. Whether that's because they fell sorry for us or think we're idiots I'm not sure, but I am grateful.

Get up the road and see Burger King. That's at the end of our hotel road...is it says Guy? Pop into the hotel looking like 2 drowned rats and use the loo. I show my keycard to the security guy because he's looking a little confused. Who are these vagrants he's probably thinking? Get up to the palace which is in the Circuito Liberdade but it's closed. Go into Centro Cultural which is an art gallery I guess you'd call it. On the top floor is an exhibition of photographer Man Ray. Never heard of him but he was from USA, and born in the 1890's and photographed Piccaso. Really interesting, we knew nothing about him. He was photographed by David Bailey in the '60s. Then there was a furniture exhibition and on the ground floor, folk painting by Poteiro. They were rubbish. Off out into the wet agin. We'd just dried off and have to go out again. We'd wander for hours normally but in this weather it's ridiculous. It's a sort of waste of a visit. Get back to the hotel again but decide we may need another bottle of hooch if we're going to have to sit in our room watching movies. We go to a supermarket at the end of our road, but they don't sell it, so we potter down to the market again. It's just down the road. We'd seen some there this morning. Go in and after a short search, find it. Then have to get back up the hill with bottle in bag making sure I don't slip over. We decide to look at the restaurant here in the hotel tonight. Failing that, go to the little place we had a beer and chippies in last night. Well, hotel food looks horrid. Off over the road and down a bit in this torrential rain. It's like a river. Guy has his flip flops on now. We order chicken breast fillet and chips. I'm using google translate. Not sure what toothpicks are though which is why we go for a safe option. It arrives to share and is thoroughly delicious. On the way back to the hotel, Guy loses one flip flip half way across the road.....hysterical! Or I was, he wasn't best amused. Good job there were no cars coming at that particular moment.

24th January

Still raining! Decide to get an uber to Igreja de Sao Fransico de Assis. It's a church which was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. We saw some of his work last time we came in Curitiba. It was amazing. So off we go in a 20+Reals taxi in the chucking down rain. Get out.....in said rain. Wander across to find......yes, you've guessed, it's closed! It so much smaller than I'd thought it should/would be but is beautiful. Just can't go in. It's on the side of a lake but it's raining! Who wants to wander round a lake in the damn rain. And when I say rain, I mean absolutely stair rod rain! Call another uber. That's another 20 Reals for the damn ride back but we go to a shopping mall; Diamond mall. Full of designer stuff but it's nice to look at and wander around. We bought a nice chocolate each and also had a coffee each. I'm feeling lousy so just wandered. It's not far back to the hotel, half a mile or so, so we walk back. The rains subsided a bit thankfully.

When we get back, rains stopped so investigate where we are and if there's something nearby we can go. There's another shopping centre so off we venture again. Have our 'macs' on as its raining again. Going through a not as nice part I don't think but at the top of a very steep hill we see shopping Cidade. That's where we're heading. And at the top, there's proper (not like uk) shops. Tempted to buy something in one. It's so cheap but a, do I need it and b, is it something I'm only going to wear here and not at home. Probs so we left it there. Just next door is another shopping mall. It's far nicer than the first one we think. Bought a luggage divider bag thingy. It was 49 Reals; £10 but it's lots of small bags which will allow us to divide dirty with clean etc.

By the time we came out, it was raining again. On with the macs! Using my phine, we navigate our way back to the hotel and go to the room for a small tipple before dinner. Going back to the place same as last night. Same food too. When we go out it raining again a little bit. When we left, the whole area was flooded. Good job Guy didn't have flip flops on, he'd have really lost them, they'd have washed away. The water when walking was mid calf. A car got stuck and the force of it......! We met a Brazilian couple in there and using google translate, she said that this weather is soon unusual. They were even filming it. Her family live in London and have a business called Beth's Gourmet. I said I'd try and look for it when I go see Katie next. I think it's in Hackney. I looked on Facebook. We're watching a series called blindspot so went back and watched another couple of eps with a drink before sleeping.

Woke up with no voice!

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